Business Plan

SAHELI PARIVAR: Saheli Parivar has in introduced a number of unmatched compensation for our independent business association (IBAs) with sky setting limits for their achievement. It includes commission on the sale made by you and your team. It also planned fully paid Rewards, Royalty bonus, pane residual in comes and much more…….

Matching Income

First pair would be for 1:2 or 2:1, thereafter it would be 1:1 you will be eligible for a reward of Rs.100/- per pair up to unlimited depth. Capping and Trimming would be applicable. A capping of Rs.1000 Daily.

Joining Package Basic Silver Gold Diamond Platinum
Amount (Rs.) Rs. 500 Rs. 1000 Rs. 1500 Rs. 2100 Rs. 2500
MATCHING INCOME Rs.100/- Rs.200/- Rs.300/- Rs.400/- Rs.500/-
DAILY CAPPING Rs.1000/- Rs.2000/- Rs.3000/- Rs.4000/- Rs.5000/-
MONTHLY INCOME Rs. 30,000/- Rs. 60,000/- Rs. 90,000/- Rs. 1,20,000/- Rs. 1,50,000/-

Down line or Single leg Income

This is a unique Income in which you are entitled for an extra income from all the IBAs you have introduced directly. The IBAS are awarded 5% of the total matching pair income earned by your each direct Introducer. There can be a number of direct introducer and there is no limit or capping to this income.

Royalty Pool :- 3 Direct sponsors are must for Royalty, Down Line or Single leg Income & Rewards.

Sr. No Star Saheli Silver Saheli Gold Saheli
1 Qualification: 3 Direct Sponsorings Qualification: 3 Direct Sponsorings Qualification: 3 Direct Sponsorings
2 Team Size:- 100 Pairs Team Size:- 500 Pairs Team Size:- 1000 Pairs
3 4 % of turnover × No. of Joinings
No. of Qualified
3 % of turnover × No. of Joinings
No. of Qualified
3 % of turnover × No. of Joinings
No. of Qualified
4 No Capping Upto 6 Months No Capping Upto 12 Months No Capping

Repurchase Income:To earn repurchase income you will have to earned business volumes (BV) with help of your left and right down lines. There should be sale of 2:1 or 1:2 of BV earned by your down line and you will get 10% of your matching BV. For example if you earned 2000 BV from one side and 1000 BV from other side you will get 10% of 1000 BV i.e. Rs. 100 = There should be monthly early of repurchase income and the company of Rs. 150000 = per monthly.


Pairs Reward Value
10 Accidental insurance Rs. 1 Lakh
NEXT 30 Blue tooth speaker
NEXT 60 Multi Media phone
NEXT 100 Induction
NEXT 200 Microwave oven
NEXT 300 Smart phone
NEXT 500 Tab
NEXT 1000 Laptop
NEXT 3000 Scooty
NEXT 5000 Jewelry (Rs. 1 Lakh)
NEXT 10000 Nano Car
NEXT 25000 Car (Aulto)
NEXT 50000 Jewelry (Rs. 10 lakh)
NEXT 100000 Flat (Sweet Home)


1: Diduction :- 5% TDS (10% Without PAN No.), 10 % Repurchase, 10% Admin Charges.

2: Rs.10 per payout will be diducted for women Welfair Fund.

3: Every 15th pairs will be diducted for income maintanance.

4: On achievement of capping every IBA will have to get the re-entry of 5PV. The amount of re-entry will be deducted out of her pay out.

5: Daily Closing & Payout On every 1st, 11th, 21th day of every month.

6: Company has absolute right to change any Package, Reward, Product & Price of product at any time.